High-volume production of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite sheet material and component parts

Toray Performance Materials Corporation is the leading supplier of Toray CFRT® which are continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite materials, components, and solutions. The key markets we serve are Consumer Electronics, Athletic Footwear, Medical, Industrial, and Sports & Recreation.

We help companies realize the advantages of thermoplastic composites as advanced structural reinforcements through the integration of engineered solutions and downstream processing.

Our thermoplastic composites are used to make superior products in almost any market and application where composite materials can provide benefit. Our goal is not only to provide expertise in continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites, but also to truly understand and respond to the needs of the markets and customers that we serve.

From sheets to shapes.
In seconds.

Toray Performance Materials Corporation produces components from thermoplastic composite materials. Our in-house processes include:

  • Cutting: shearing, stamping, waterjet cutting
  • Forming: vacuum forming, match metal free edge forming, compression molding
  • Wet lay-up: the thermoplastic composite that processes like a thermoset
  • Finishing: Various machining and finishing options

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