Composite Materials for Automotive and Industrial Applications

In response to tighter CO² emission controls, automobile manufacturers seek lightweight materials to increase efficiency. Auto design leaders have discovered composites offer a 30% lighter structure compared to aluminum, and 70% lighter compared to steel. Toray’s materials offer corrosion resistance, high strength and stiffness, weight reduction, high volume production capabilities, low waste, and performance improvement for these extreme applications.

The advantages of Toray CFRT® composites in automotive

With more than 20 years of supporting the unique demands of the supercar and high performance automotive markets, Toray is the ideal specialty automotive program partner. Our unique product portfolio spans thermoset and thermoplastic technology, including tooling materials, highly cosmetic surfacing materials, and structural prepregs for chassis and body panel applications.

Advanced composite materials are not only strong and lightweight, facilitating reduced fuel consumption, but also promote an energy-efficient and cleaner solution for high performance automotive applications. Composites are literally paving the road for the next-generation automobiles.

Toray Composites in Industrial Applications

Industrial automation, fluid handling, and chemicals processing equipment all have one thing in common: Highly demanding operating environments. Toray Composites in industrial applications are valued as a result of their lightweight, high strength, and extreme stiffness. Thermoplastic advanced composites are valued for their ability to be rapidly formed to shape through stamp forming. Additionally, advanced composites offer corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, and impact resistance.


Biomechanics of the Foot

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Toray CFRT® Footwear Brochure

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Toray CFRT Thermoplastic Laminates in Footwear

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