3 May 2022

Introducing new sustainable product ECO-FORM™

Toray Performance Materials Corporation announced today that it will release its new thermoplastic composite solution ECO-FORM™ for a sustainable future, made from 100% recycled superior quality carbon fiber. In part manufacture, ECO-FORM™ offers comparable thermoformability to neat plastics and superior formability into complex shapes compared to glass-filled sheet stock or continuous fiber unidirectional and/or woven thermoplastic composites.

Toray PMC has the capability to customize the ECO-FORM™ series to meet the specifications of various applications such as: mass transportation, semi-structural components for automotive, interior panels, RV’s, sport and recreation, consumer electronics, marine, and wind operations. Toray will use this technology platform to optimize sustainable composite solutions within the ECO-FORM™ series.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% recycled content – lower energy footprint
  • High-volume production
  • Excellent deflection and stiffness to weight ratio
  • High level of consistency and uniformity
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